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What is CDOGPS?

A GPS for the Corporate Digital Office, CDOGPS is a comprehensive technology platform that provides digital navigational aids to leaders in charge of “Digital Transformation” of their respective enterprise businesses. We aspire to be the “Global Standard” for Digital.

CDOGPS represents the codified wisdom of our founding team, who have worked extensively with digital leaders across the globe, thereby having an intricate understanding of their needs, wants and challenges.

The platform enables digital leaders to translate their digital strategy into action. The workflow extends from “Digital Business Ideas to Digital Outcomes” that traverses the following specifics

  • Creation of a system based Digital Roadmap
  • Collation of digital business ideas and evaluation
  • Projectization of approved ideas and project lifecycle management
  • Project Performance Management (Financial and Non Financial)
  • Comprehensive Performance Management vis-à- vis the Digital Roadmap
For whom is CDOGPS?

The platform enables Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Information Officers or any other designated leadership role entrusted with the digital transformation of an enterprise business to successfully deliver on their mandates.

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Board of Directors,
David Mathison
David Mathison
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Giri Devanur
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Tom Blinten